Tricks To Plump Your Lips

Full, supple lips is one of the biggest beauty trends nowadays, but in fact, this look has been coveted since the days of Marilyn Monroe. A plump pout is not only thought to be seductive, but it’s also one of the simplest ways to give yourself a naturally healthy appearance. When the skin on your lips look hydrated and healthy, it’s almost a given that you are working to ensure the rest of your skin and body feels the same way. So, how do you make your lips look plump? One of the simplest ways is to use our Lip Plumper Gloss. How to Make Your Lips Look Plump with Makeup If you’re looking for a more immediate way to make your lips look bigger, here are our best lip plumper makeup tips: 1) Exf

Foot Care Solutions

Soak it up As the weather starts to get warmer we want to walk about barefoot or in flip flops. However, our piggies have been hiding away in socks and snow boots. There’s no telling what condition our feet are in! We know how hard it is to take proper care of our feet. It is even more difficult to find foot Care Products that work properly and are not filled with junk ingredients. Here at NasCia Naturals we strive to help you save your soles (literally). Starting off on the right foot with a great foot-soak is the best way to pave a path to healthy feet. Feet are probably the most neglected part of the body, but one of the most important and daily functioning limbs we have. They also have t

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