Why Are Ceramides And Hyaluronic Acid Important Skin Care Innovations?

Ceramides and Hyaluronic Acid are popular skin care and cosmetic ingredients in part, because both are naturally present in our bodies. They have moisturizing and anti-aging properties—especially when ceramides and hyaluronic acid appear in the same formulation. WHAT ARE CERAMIDES? Ceramides are vital elements to maintaining skin hydration and cell matrix integrity. They are natural lipids that constitute the most important component of skin's outermost layer. Ceramides help retain water and bind surface skin cells together for a toned appearance. In conjunction with other lipids, like cholesterol and fatty acids, ceramides act as a natural barrier against bacteria and environmental polluti

Anti-Aging or Maturing?

As we enter the New Year and start to make New Year resolutions, I want to remind you all that confidence, self-love and self-acceptance are some of the most powerful beauty aids. Yes, we are in the business of selling cosmetics and skin care, but cosmetics should add to our feeling of confidence. Never forget that YOU are the beauty. After reading an article recently on the term "anti-aging", which I am guilty of using myself; I began to think. What is anti-aging really? Stating that something is “anti-aging” is like stating that we are against aging like somehow living past a certain age is a bad thing. I am very aware that some people don’t get the option to age, so why would we want t

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