Why Vitamin C in Natural Skin Care?

Vitamin C in Skin Care has been all the rage in 2018. I could not pick up a magazine or read an article in an industry post that did not tout the importance of Vitamin C in Natural Skin Care. I will say it is not an easy ingredient to work with. But I have grown to love it. What is does in our skin care formulas is phenomenal. We have had our Vitamin C Face Cleanser since we opened our business almost 10 years ago. It is still my favorite cleanser to date. We now have a Vitamin C Peel Mask and a Vitamin C Moisturizer. We are in the process of reformulating our Hyaluronic Acid Serum to include Vitamin C. Humans are one of the only mammals, together with monkeys and guinea pigs that ca

Adjusting Your Beauty Routine For Fall

The summer season begins to wind down with shorter days, cooler nights and less humidity, more than just the color of the leaves can change. Your complexion is also prone to changing in response to the shift in the seasons and that can lead to unexpected skin care concerns. Fortunately, you can minimize the impact of the change of the seasons by making some minor changes to your skin care regimen. Here are five ways that you can adjust your beauty routine to promote healthy, beautiful skin this fall: 1. Reassess Your Cleanser. During the summer months, your complexion is likely to be more oily than it will be during the fall, and this may make it necessary for you to adjust your cleanser to

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