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Vitamin C Cleanser!

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I Love My NasCia

I have been a long time proponent and user of NasCia products. The purity, lack of chemicals, and accessibility of Karen, the developer and owner gives me great confidence in what I’m putting on my skin. I recently purchased the new Argon Oil Moisturizer and Vitamin C Protection and love them both. I loved the feel of my skin before with the previous products and am even more satisfied with the results of the new ones. Keep up your wonderful work on behalf of us all!

                                                                    Lorraine B, Liberty, MO

NasCia Naturals Anti-Oxident Toner

I ADORE this product! It's silky smooth, lightweight, smells terrific, and it seems like I can feel it regenerating my skin cells. I absolutely love this! Thanks, NasCia Naturals!

                                                               Terry H., Gladstone MO

Love My Face Cleansing Oil

I don't normally write reviews, but wanted to tell you how much my skin texture has changed since using the Love My Face Cleansing Oil.

I have really dry skin and when I received the sample in my Beauty Box, I thought I would give it a shot.  Well I am now on my second full size bottle and my skin looks amazing.  Everyone has asked me what make up I am wearing.  I tell them its not the make up, it's my cleanser.  I have referred people to you to try it.  I hope they follow through.  I am going to try the night oil moisturizer next.  Thanks again for making this incredible product. 

                                                                               April B., Kansas City, MO


Love It!!

I have been using the new Beauty Balm Cream for 6 weeks and am very happy with it.  Since the kids are out of school, I don't have the time for a full beauty routine.  The NasCia BB Cream  is everything I need to go through my busy day and I know my skin is protected.

                                                                          Jane T.  Kansas City, MO


​"Thanks for asking me to test the new Argan Gel Cleaner.  I have been using the Balancing Cleanser and love it, but I think this may be my new favorite.                                                                                                                                           Tracy M., Kansas City, MO    

I couldn't be more pleased

I am 70 years old and have tried/used a gezillion products for my face and body from very reputable companies. They all worked to some degree for a while. I just gave up and used only soap and water on my face and baby oil on my body after bathing, for the past 20 years. When I saw Karen selling her NasCia Products, I thought "here we go again" w/some new "stuff". Then I learned she makes these products of all natural oils and has done extensive research before marketing it. Well, I thought, what's one more bottle going to hurt to try. I am astounded. My elbows haven't been this soft since I was  little. The skin on my legs and arms no longer flake at the end of the day. The elasticity in my face has been restored. My makeup glides on my face easier. A side effect happened..I had a large dark brown (liver) spot on my left cheek that's been there for 20 years and it started to disappear!! It's almost all gone!

 I believe in the NasCia Products 100% and am grateful I tried "one more bottle".

Sue W., Kansas City, MO

NasCia Naturals Anti-Aging Vitamin C Facial Cleanser feels amazingly invigorating on my skin!  I love how clean and soft my face feels after using.  I’ve tried many products over the years and none have been as refreshing and rejuvenating as this one.  Way to go, NasCia!   Terry H.  Kansas City, Mo,

Hi Karen,
Just wanted to thank you for the little extra surprises that were in my order....  I love your products so much.  I got one of the cleansers for a friend's birthday, and kept one for myself.  I have been using mine most every day since I received the set for Christmas and STILL have some of it left after all this time.  They really last a long time. ..............I wasn't expecting to get extra things in my order and wanted you to know that I love them and appreciate it.                        
       Barbara M., California

Love This Company!

''I have health challenges and many allergies. In the past when looking for products that met my needs, I had to search the web to locate healthy bath and beauty products. Now I can find all my natural make-up, skin care and bath products with NasCia.  The products are all such high quality and the ingredients are healthy with no fillers or mystery chemicals.   My skin has never looked better.  Just love this company!                        Vicki S.  Liberty, MO

I wanted to let you know how much I love the Argan Products.  I recently tried the Argan Cleansing Gel and love it!  I have always used the Foaming Cleanser and thought it couldn't be beat, but this may be my new go to face cleanser.  Thanks for all you do.

Beth H., Kansas City, MO

BB Cream


I am a busy mom of three.  Constantly running my kids to the places they need to go and I seldom wore makeup.  I often flew out the door looking like I just rolled out of bed, although I had been up for hours.  Then I was introduced to NasCia's BB Cream by my neighbor.  What a life changer.  I now have my moisturizer, a serum, which I never used and foundation all in one easy step.  Now I wash my face as always, but apply my new BFF and I am good to go all day.

                                                                                         Madison A., Kansas City, MO

Mature Skin Can Rock!

I just wanted to let you know I am really enjoying the Stop the  Clock Products.  The moisturizer is phenomenal.  Thanks for thinking of us Mature Women!!

                                                                    Bonnie B,  Kansas City, MO

Perfume Roll-on

I am enjoying the new essential oil roll-on perfume, I received as a gift for Christmas.  My daughter also loved it so had to come back for more.  Didn't know you existed until then.  I like the fact that they are pure essential oils.  We have allergies, so we finally found something we can use without sneezing.  My favorite has been Sea Salt Serenade.

                                                                                                  Madelyn L.  Olathe, KS

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