Covid 19 Update

The well being of our customers, ourselves and our community is of the utmost importance to NasCia Naturals.  We have chosen to do everything in our power to alleviate the spread of Covid 19. 


As the temperature heats up, we can not leave your orders outside.  We will deliver only if you are home.  We will wear a mask for both of our protection.  You are welcome to pick up your order and we offer curbside pickup.  You will need to notify me ahead of time of when you will be arriving.  I will wear a mask to give you your products. 


Our showroom is open for your shopping convenience.  However, you will need to wear a mask and will need to have a temperature check upon arrival. We will continue to deliver free of charge within 50 miles.   Thank you for your continued support and understanding.

As always we continue to use our best sanitation procedures when mixing our products, including masks, goggles and gloves as well as making sure all utensils and containers are run through a sanitizer and mixing areas are sanitized with bleach and alcohol.  


We still have in stock our Germ Defense Soap in two sizes and we have Waterless Hand Cleaner/Sanitizer in two sizes.  As long as we can get ingredients to mix hand sanitizer, we will continue to provide a FREE 2 oz bottle of sanitizer with each order (1 per family).  These are also available for sale at $3.98 per bottle.  This is not your typical skin drying hand sanitizer.  Your skin will remain soft and moisturized.   

We really want to remain in business during this unprecedented time.  We hope you will continue to use NasCia Naturals for your skin care and cosmetic needs.  Remember to shop local/small businesses to help all of us stay in business.  You may reach us at 816-679-1060 or 816-584-9577.  You may message us through messenger, our website or we can chat online. Also you may follow us through our Facebook Page.

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