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Winter Skin Care Tips

As the seasons change, so should your skin care habits. In Kansas City and most of Northern Hemisphere, winter means one thing: cooler temperatures. The cold brings enchanting snow-covered trees, thrilling winter sports and an insatiable craving for hot cocoa. But, icy temps also mean dry air and drier skin.

When the temperature drops, so does the humidity level. Combine dry air with harsh winds and central heating, and you get the perfect storm for chapped lips, itchy cracked hands, dry scalp, and other signs.

Cold, dry air doesn't have to leave skin a hot mess. A few simple tweaks to your routine can keep you glowing and youthful through the first signs of spring.

Winter Skin Care Tips & Tricks

1) Sunscreen

We cannot say it enough— sunscreen is the number one beauty essential year-round! If you’ve ever gone skiing or snowboarding, you know how strong winter sun is when combined with snow glare. Protect your skin from sun damage with sunscreen that contains SPF 15 or more. NasCia Naturals BB Cream, Tinted Lip Balm and all Foundations have an SPF of at least 15.

2) You pile on clothes in the winter — do the same with skincare products. Applying a face serum under your lotion, cream and sunscreen both A.M. and P.M. can diminish lines and pores plus firm and brighten.

3) Use a Humidifier

Do you ever wake up feeling like you just walked across the Sahara Desert? That’s because central heating zaps moisture from the air, causing your mouth, nose and even skin to feel dry. Add moisture back into the air (and your skin) by turning on a humidifier at night.

4) Amp Up the Hydration

Now that you’ve solved the problem of dry air, what’s next? Give your body a moisture boost. Drink plenty of water and use skin-quenching skin care products to hydrate from inside and outside. You may want to consider to switching to oil for your moisturizer for the winter. Our organic Argan Oil, makes a perfect "dry" oil face moisturizer for these dry months. It is also excellent for your hair. If you do not like the idea of using oil on your face, add a couple of drops of NasCia's Argan Oil to your moisturizer for a hydration boost.

In the winter, I keep my face free of dry-patches with Argan Moisturizer in the AM and Stop the Clock Moisturizer at night. Our Argan Moisturizer contains Argan Oil and Coconut oil, both hydration boosters. Our Stop the Clock Moisturizer is a deep penetrating fruit based Alpha Hydroxy cream which will soften skin as old layers are sloughed away and new ones are brought to the surface; use for younger and smoother skin. Our ultimate moisturizer. Since this moisturizer contains 10% alpha hydroxy acid, be sure to always use with a sunscreen if using during the day.

5) Say No to Hot Showers

Similar to the way heated air can dry your skin, so can extra-hot water. While a long, steamy shower may sound delightful after a day in the cold, scalding water strips natural oils from your skin. Ensure your hydration efforts aren’t wasted by turning the water temperature down and keeping your showers short.

6) Limit Exposure to Wet Clothing

At some point during the snowy season, we all deal with wet clothing. Whether skiing, building a snow fort with your kids, or simply walking on slushy sidewalks, you will likely end up with wet socks or gloves. Wet fabric can irritate your skin, so remember to remove any wet garments as soon as you get inside.

7) Show Your Lips Some Love

At night when moisturizing your face, don't forget to apply a moisturizing balm to the lips. We recommend NasCia's Vanilla Lip Renewal Balm.

8) Put a Blanket on Your Skin

You might want to consider to switching to Body Butter instead of Body Lotion during the winter months and don't forget the tootsies.

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