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How To Make Spring 2017 Makeup Trends Work For You

This spring’s makeup trends have some fun and exciting looks, but what works on the runway , may be too outrageous for your everyday wear. An even greater consideration is, these looks can be far from flattering and even age your look. So with that in mind, I've tweaked the most current makeup trends to create fresher, more natural and wearable looks.

1. The Trend: It’s all about perfectly smooth skin. But, if you usually apply foundation immediately after you moisturize you may notice the product sinking into lines, accentuating imperfections.

Try this instead…

It’s deceptively simple and sincerely sensational. Using Face Primer under foundation. It starts you off with a smooth canvas that allows makeup to go on looking fresh, clean and contemporary. It not only blurs lines and boosts hydration; it makes for easy touchups during the day when you find yourself in that afternoon slump. Our Mineral Veil Primer will help your foundation stay put all day.

2. The Trend: Auto Correction. Struggling with redness, dark circles or dark spots? Perfect skin means color correction. But, when concealers seem too heavy or less than skin-like, take your concealer routine to the next level.

Try these instead…Coming Soon…

What It Is Instantly neutralize and color correct skin imperfections like a pro. Infused with photo-reflective pigments, this feather light, buildable formula helps to work miracles on the appearance of skin imperfections, while bio-transformed botanical extracts help to gently eliminate fine lines and wrinkles. This advanced formula visibly evens out skin tone for a more uniform, youthful complexion.

Skin Concerns:

LILAC – Neutralizes dull/yellow skin

KEY LIME– Neutralizes red/ruddy skin

CHIFFON– Neutralizes dullness and brightens skin

APRICOT– Neutralizes dark circles and spots for darker skin tones

NECTAR – Neutralizes dark circles and spots for light to medium skin tones

3. The Trend: Full On Luminous Coverage.

Instead of matte, the look implies an inner glow. Foundation is smooth, with even, full coverage that show minimal imperfections. But, when you’ve tried full coverage foundation and you’ve found your skin looks dull and dry….

Try this instead…

Imagine complete luminous coverage that offers a fresh look. With NasCia's Liquid Mineral Foundation you’ve set the stage for a flawless color story. I personally like to mix my foundation with my liquid highlighter for an even more luminous look.

4.The Trend: Glossy Lids

There are many fanciful eye shadow stories strutting down the runway this season. Often using a mixture of gloss and shadow swiped across the lids. This is a bit unrealistic when you want your makeup to stay fresh and flattering throughout the day.

Try this instead…

This season keep it simple. Apply just one or two shades of shadow in naturally flattering tones that capture a bit of warmth from the sun. Coming Soon Liquid and Cream Shadow.

5. The Trend: Big Shot Lashes

False lashes and lash extensions are still in vogue. But many of our clients prefer the natural or organic mascara.

Coming Soon…Mature eyes need to focus on thickening, not lengthening, which is more likely to frame and define your eyes. This late Spring/Early Summer we will introduce our new XLXL Mascara. It’s the mascara your you’ve been longing for. This advanced formula delivers maximum fullness, exceptional lift and superior separation.

6. The Trend: Saturated Lips Big, bold saturated lips in semi-matte formulas are everywhere. Definitely the top trend for the season. It can be a flattering look for maturing faces because you get a boost of color that brightens your face. But, long lasting matte lipsticks can also be unforgiving as they falls into creases and dry the lips.

Try this instead…Change out a heavier formula for a lip stain. Coming Soon to NasCia. It’s not a gloss. Our new Lip Stain will deliver buildable-coverage with a dose of long lasting gorgeous color that protects and moisturizes without feeling sticky or tacky.

7. The Trend: Smudged and Smoked

According to Harper’s Bazaar, eyeliner should be worn only one-way in Spring 2017, “smudgy and imperfect”. Makeup artists gravitated toward shades of black and gray (as we all do), but also experimented with navy and various shades of brown. But the color didn’t matter as much as the application: either traced in the waterline or randomly smudged across the lids, or both.

Try this instead…

It may have taken you months to perfect, but consider leaving your black cat-eye liner behind in 2016. This year’s go-to liner is all about black gel pencil liners, traced along your waterline. Mature skin types might want to go a bit softer, choosing a liner that fits your hair, skin and eye color. Don’t line equally on top and bottom. Try a longwearing, not drying gel like NasCia's Black or Brown on the waterline on top line only. Then, line top and under lashes with a soft brown or grey powder shadow.

8. The Trend: A Boy Story

Brows continue to get top focus. The shape on many models during fashion week was less angular (boy-like), but still strong and three-dimensional. Is this your desired look?

Try this instead…

Don’t underestimate brows for reinforcing a strong, vital eye story. But, shape, style and dimension can be delivered in a more flattering way when you enhance your own, natural brow shape. Our brow kits offer a 3-in-1 system that creates a perfectly textured, gorgeous brow.

The Trend: Glow Getters The glitter trend is still going strong (blame Instagram). This year, try to wear it in a less precise manner than you’ve tried before. Scatter it across the tops of your cheekbones and through the t-zone, allowing flecks to fall where they might. The less perfect it looks, the more perfect it is.

Try this instead…

I do like this trend, even for my 60+ face. A great option for mature skin clients who want the glow but in a more subtle fashion will love Liquid Illuminator in Candleglow. It’s the simplest way to achieve the perfect amount of natural radiance. New packaging coming soon.

10. The Trend: Resetting Your Skin

We can’t talk about trends without throwing in a little skincare. And, we can’t do that without mentioning how big charcoal masques have become. Besides, you want to start your spring skincare by ousting that dull, winter dry skin.

Wipe away winter dullness with NasCia's Pineapple and Papaya Exfoliating Masque. It has wonderful blend of skin AHAs with an emphasis on brightening. Then, after masking a bit, add water and a gently massage to call up volcanic buffing beads to complete the exfoliating process.

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