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Anti-Aging or Maturing?

As we enter the New Year and start to make New Year resolutions, I want to remind you all that confidence, self-love and self-acceptance are some of the most powerful beauty aids. Yes, we are in the business of selling cosmetics and skin care, but cosmetics should add to our feeling of confidence. Never forget that YOU are the beauty.

After reading an article recently on the term "anti-aging", which I am guilty of using myself; I began to think. What is anti-aging really? Stating that something is “anti-aging” is like stating that we are against aging like somehow living past a certain age is a bad thing. I am very aware that some people don’t get the option to age, so why would we want to throw the term “AGAINST AGING” around? Doesn't make sense does it?

At the same time when I get up in the morning and my face looks a bit – not like me- I do want something to keep it healthy and comfortable. Every line, every wrinkle tells a story, it is part of who we are. But...we want to look the very best we can. So in 2018, you will see our labels change as we quit using the term- Anti-Aging. Our skin care products will be designed for maturing skin.

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