Spring 2018 Makeup Trends Everyone Can Wear

Lip Gloss has returned! Matte lips have been big the past two seasons, and still sell, but the gloss is back. NasCia Naturals Lip Shine, Lip Polish and Lip Gloss will give you the "look". Also hot on the scene will be creamy lipstains. Stay tuned as we will roll out the red carpet for our lip stains next month.

The Big Beauty Trend to take over the Red Carpet and real life is long thick lashes. Try NasCia Naturals XL Mascara for that va va voom without the chemicals.

One of my personal favorites is Rose Gold Highlighter. Our highlighter sets a warm rose gold shimmer along the cheekbones and gives off a sultry look.

Another trend this spring is a healthy glow all over the face — and no, that doesn't mean highlighting everywhere! Instead, use illuminating products such as the stellar NasCia Naturals new Brightening CC Cream and our #1 best selling Beauty Balm. The smooth formula hydrates the skin and gives a subtle radiant glow — you instantly see a gleam on the face. Glow is back in business.

Spring is all about the eye drama and dark eyeliner is going to take over the trends this season. If you haven't tried our Line line Felt Tip Liner, now just may be the time.

Other than the golden glow, nude highlighters set the trend for illuminated looks. You don't have to go all out — just a simple shine on the cheekbones will do the trick. NasCia will be introducing our newest stick illuminator in Nude Glow and Illuminator with our Spring Collection. They give a radiant glow whether you use it alone or on top of makeup.

One big trend is getting as much natural glow as possible. Contours are out, and instead, makeup artists are focusing on bringing out the skin's natural beauty. We are obsessed with our Good Night Face Oil Serum. It never leaves face greasy, only hydrated and healthy.

Spring promises bold choices in the makeup sphere and metallics are dominating the scene NasCia Naturals has a selection of metallic eye colors to showcase the trend, which is perfect because metallic makeup in all shades and finishes will continue to be popular in 2018.

If metallic is just not for you, then blues in all shades will be hot this Spring and Summer.

The all-natural look has also been a popular trend this year. This season you will see a lot of natural, nude looks that have a dab of makeup over them. Once again, our Beauty Balm Cream and our Mineral Foundation will come to your rescue. Our BB cream is perfect for a lightweight product that leaves you looking fresh-faced. Our liquid mineral foundation is the best of both worlds, as you get a foundation coverage as well as a natural look. Both boast a natural SPF of 30.

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