Are You Going Nude This Summer?

It's such a popular look when temperatures heat up, and one most experts say is really a classic.

Wait a sec. You know we're talking about nude lips, right?

Nude lips are understated yet sexy, look beautiful with bold, dramatic or smoky eyes and can go from day to night. But do not mistake nude lips with naked or bare. And it's not just blah beige.

People tend to translate a nude lip to a 1960s concealer beige look, said Alex Mendez-Kelley, owner of The MakeUp Bar. “To me, a nude is almost lip color. It's really whatever translates to your natural color.”

There's a nude lipstick for everyone, she said. “When you find your perfect nude, you can wear it with everything.

Sometimes finding the "just right" nude lipstick can be a bit intimidating. We suggest you pick three nudes you like and test them on the inside of your wrist. It one looks a little gray, then that is not a color for you. You will know right away what is best for your skin tone.

But plenty of nude lipsticks have a hint of pink or peach, making it easy for women who want to compensate for the loss of color that is naturally lost with age. Whether sheer or opaque, glossy or matte, the best nude lip starts with a little extra attention. This is when lip liner can become your best friend. Nude lips need some definition or the color seems to disappear. Either fill in lips with lip liner and top with gloss or for more color, line and fill in lips, dust with translucent powder and apply a favorite nude lipstick. We have some beautiful nude lipsticks this season. Give us a call and stop by to try.

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