Adjusting Your Beauty Routine For Fall

The summer season begins to wind down with shorter days, cooler nights and less humidity, more than just the color of the leaves can change. Your complexion is also prone to changing in response to the shift in the seasons and that can lead to unexpected skin care concerns. Fortunately, you can minimize the impact of the change of the seasons by making some minor changes to your skin care regimen. Here are five ways that you can adjust your beauty routine to promote healthy, beautiful skin this fall:

1. Reassess Your Cleanser. During the summer months, your complexion is likely to be more oily than it will be during the fall, and this may make it necessary for you to adjust your cleanser to suit the season. If you're prone to dryness, try using a cream-based cleanser for the next few months to more deeply moisturize your skin.

2. Add an Exfoliator. Months of fun in the sun can leave the complexion rough and dull come fall. Adding an exfoliator or facial scrub to your regimen can help you remove damaged cells and keep your complexion free of dry, flaky skin as the seasons shift.

3. Address Sun Damage. Noticing some new brown spots on your complexion now that summer has gone? You can take steps to address hyperpigmentation now that fall has arrived and you're less likely to spend long periods of time outdoors. NasCia Products with Vitamin C, Frankincense oil, and licorice extract will help lighten the skin with continued use.

4. Continue to use a sunscreen. Our Foundations and BB cream all contain SPF. Using our SPF 30 BB Cream will help to keep your routine simple, yet give you the protection against the harmful sun rays.

5. Protect Your Lips. Often times, the lips are one of the first parts of the complexion to begin to show signs of fall-related dryness. If you haven’t tried our lip exfoliator, Lip Service, now is the time. Follow with a nourishing lip balm or lip gloss after bathing, before going outside and prior to bed to keep your lips protected from dehydration.

The key to adjusting your skin care regimen for the fall is to keep a close eye on the condition of your skin. If you begin to notice signs of seasonal dryness, amp up the moisturizer. Should acne or shiny skin plague you after making a change, reassess your needs and go back to our acne line of products. Tailoring your regimen to the condition of your complexion will help you to get the best results.

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