Your Winter Skin Care Routine

Now, probably more than any other winter your face is suffering. We are inside more and the air is dry. Many women are working from home. Then, when you do go out, you wear a mask. If you work outside, a face mask is protection for the skin from wind burn.

Wearing a mask can also cause the face to chafe. Be sure to clean your masks frequently or wear disposable masks.

My recommendation for your winter skin care routine is from our New Rose Skin Care Collection.

Begin your routine with our Rose Cleanser. Follow with Hydrating Rose Toner, which will prepare your face for your Hyaluronic Serum. During the winter, this is my serum of choice. Hyaluronic acid adds extra hydration to the skin. Apply our Rose Moisturizer morning and night. This moisturizer can be used by all skin types unless you are allergic to roses. Last but not least exfoliate with our Rose Face Polish. The benefits of exfoliation—when done right—are no secret. Gentle (I repeat, gentle) exfoliation can help remove dead skin cells accumulated from dry winter air, leaving the skin looking more alive and helping your post-cleaning moisturizer absorb better. Just don't over do it. During the winter using an exfoliant once a week is sufficient. In a previous post I spoke about our Berries and Oxygen Face Polish. It is also a good alternative to the Rose Face Polish. Either of these Face Polishes can be used on the face and body. Take care and keep your face hydrated and your skin will love you.

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