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Pit Boss All Natural Deodorant

Neutralizes odor and absorbs wetness. Our new deodorant is flying off the shelves and we couldn't be more proud.

We have been testing in our household for about 4 months and it has been so difficult to keep this quiet. I have tried multiple times, per many requests to make a deodorant. Either it smelled too strong of essential oils and I knew everyone would want a different scent, or no scent at all, which was my preference. Who wants their deodorant to smell stronger than their perfume or body lotion? Not me. We have worked to keep our scent as natural as possible. We did not want our deodorant to interfere with the scent of your lotions or perfumes. Or the deodorants I made did not last all day. I wanted a deodorant that was Unisex, that did not prevent perspiration but would dry it immediately and would keep you from having an odor for at least 12 hours. This product has exceeded my highest hopes. Yes it does have a blend of essential oils, but those oils are not to mask an odor. They are in your deodorant to heal and eliminate odor. Lavender oil, will help with irritation from shaving under your arms, A blend of additional essential oils will actually work together to eliminate odor and then as a safety net, we added Chlorophyll. A plus is that if you have been using any deodorant with Aluminum in it, the Diatomaceous earth and Chlorophyll may help to detoxify the aluminum from your body. Our new deodorant will sell for $10.95 for a 2.65 oz. (normal size deodorant tube) plus tax and our 1 oz. size will sell for $3.95. Our deodorant is Aluminum free, Paraben Free, Talc Free, Baking Soda Free. It is made in small batches in the good ole USA. and we can't wait to hear what you think.

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