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Solid Stick Skin Care is Trending NOW!

The gold standard of beauty products are the ones that yield the best results without being overly time-consuming. And by this we mean products that can keep up with our busy and demanding schedules, are easy to pack (and apply on the go), have multitasking capabilities and make way less of a mess—not to mention, last all day so we’re not constantly reapplying. Impossible? We think not, thanks to the fact that nearly all of your favorite products are now available in stick versions, which pretty much simplifies everything. Everything from Shampoo and Conditioner, Face Cleansers, and Toners to Foundation, Blush and Eye Shadow are available in solids. They are great for the traveler because they do not have to fit into that tiny zip lock bag when you are jetting off for business or pleasure.

NasCia Naturals has been busy developing our own line of solid products. We have developed cream eye shadow, solid primer, and now we have the best of the best and they will be on the market within two weeks. We will have shampoo bars, conditioner sticks, face cleansing sticks, serum sticks, and moisturizing sticks. Stay tuned. We don't even have them labeled yet, but wanted to let you know they are on the way!

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