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Should You Wear Makeup When Working From Home?

I work from home everyday, not just during the Pandemic we are facing. I made the decision early in my career of NasCia Naturals that I liked having my "Beauty" routine in the morning. It was something I had been doing for most of my adult life and I did not want to give it up. It made me feel better physically and emotionally. So each morning in addition to my regular skin care routine, I apply BB Cream or one of our newer products, Cameo Glow Sheer Tint. I add a hint of blush, a dab of concealer, gel lip liner, gloss, and mascara. I can do it all in five minutes. It makes me feel set to take on the day. It also helps me separate my work week self from my weekend self, when I generally only wear mascara, lip liner and gloss unless I am going out. Which thanks to Covid 19 I am not doing often.

Makeup sales have dropped drastically during the pandemic, not only for NasCia Naturals but for the entire industry. You might want to rethink whether you wear makeup or not. It might just help you like what you see in the mirror tomorrow morning.

Studies have shown that wearing makeup while test taking can lead to higher scoresso it makes sense that wearing makeup can help boost productivity for some. 

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